Things to get over

  1. The fact that both the Indians and the Browns lost yesterday; one long season begins as the other one will most likely end with no playoffs
  2. That 4:30 a.m. comes way too early, and is the only reason I had to DVR three shows last night (but oh my, Breaking Bad is getting intense, gearing up for the last three episodes ever)
  3. My disgust at having to take a professional day on Wednesday to sit for 7 hours and write SLOs (Student Learning Objectives) in the high school library, while my choirs sit across the parking lot, not rehearsing
  4. Staying at school till 8:30 every night this week except Friday (I love my rehearsal schedule, I love my rehearsal schedule, I love my rehe)

But, but, big fat but…

  1. On Friday, BFF Kay comes to school to set up the costume shop (yes, she’s our costumer this year, which makes Stoney and me five kinds of happy)
  2. I’m hoping to have another week of good rehearsals, like last week — we just might do this show yet
  3. All my orchestra people are on for the pit rehearsal in October
  4. This Sunday, the family will be at my house to celebrate some very special company coming to visit from England — I couldn’t be more excited

So, what’s to get over? This week won’t be so bad. Maybe it’ll be one of those weeks that fly by because you’re so busy. Hmm? What say? Before I know it, it’ll be Friday night, and I’ll be on the couch, buzzing through Boardwalk Empire, The Newsroom and Ray Donovan.

If I can stay awake. :P

Have a good Monday, everybunny.

6 thoughts on “Things to get over

  1. RD

    I’m slowly and painfully getting over the fact that the Cubs will not go to the World Series again this year. But, I’m still going to Cincy on Wed with my three adult sons to watch them play the Reds. What’s the definition of insanity? But, I will be wonderful to be with my three sons for the day!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Son, I feel your pain once again. Why is Chicago so bad? Is it management? Front office? Bad deals and drafts? No one wants to play for the South Side? What??

      But how fun that you get to spend that time with your own set of “Js!” :-)

  2. Mavis

    Yeah, my Packers lost to SF. They sure tried hard, but SF tried harder. :-(

    Wow. SLOs for 7 hours?! Does not make for a good day.

    Fabulous that Kay is the costumer this year!! You know it’s going to be wonderful with Kay at the helm!

    I’m getting excited for Sunday, too! Can’t wait!!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Yeah…the paperwork on this new set of rules for teachers (you know, the rules that were put in place by people who’ve never taught a day in their lives?) is mountainous, and I’m just the music guy. You should see what the core subject teachers have to endure…

      Can’t wait for Sunday! I’m thinking we should just order pizzas, since I don’t want us to be cooking when we could be visiting. What say?

  3. David

    I think the Packers will be Ok as long as they do not have to defend the pass, cover Anquan Bolden or play Colin Kaepernick ever again this season.


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