Like it was yesterday

That’s how I remember it.

On 8 December, 1980, I was pacing my living room floor while watching a football game, with a sleepy six-week-old Seamus in my arms, when the news broke sometime in the late evening. Howard Cosell said something like, “It’s hard to go back to the game after reporting this.”

Strangely though, I remember nothing else about that night, except the tears that followed.

Those who know me know that the Beatles — John Lennon, especially — occupy a deep, private, important place in my heart. Heck, my soul. Their music spoke to me first in the late 60s, as a confused pre-teenager. I knew their earlier songs because my aunts used to play their records when they’d come to babysit Mavis and me. As I got older, I delved deeper into their stuff, and before long, I knew (and eventually owned) all of their mainstream albums.

But John’s voice and lyrics always held the top drawer space. There is no voice on the planet like his, although his son Julian’s comes pretty close. I can’t believe it’s been 30 years.

Speaking of dying: that’s what I felt was going to happen last night. I was closing up my classroom around 8:45 p.m. to go home after watching the first half of the ¬†basketball game. I forgot about the presence of a big cinder block, which I sometimes use to prop the door open. I tripped over it and went down, hard, on my hands. Everything in my arms went flying. The good news: I can type this morning. As long as I don’t put any downward pressure on my right hand — like, oh, trying to play the piano or move the gearshift in the car — I’m fine. Today’s rehearsals should be interesting. Oi.

Imagine there’s no Christmas music…

9 thoughts on “Like it was yesterday

  1. Mavis

    You’re so right, Lindabird – not another voice on the planet that sounds like his. I could listen to that voice all day – and I’m an avid Country fan!

    I remember listening to, “She Loves You” while Aunt Janet taught me to dance the Pony and the Jerk. She let me wear her white Go-Go boots, too. Awesome.

    Watch out for those suspicious looking cement blocks. They can jump right out atcha when ya ain’t lookin’!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      You know dat’s right, Mavis! And I remember Aunt Janet’s go-go boots. I wanted a pair, but Mother wouldn’t hear of it. HA

      Can’t wait till Sunday!

  2. PKPudlin

    Can’t say I was ever a Beatles fan – more of a Simon and Garfunkle kinda person myself. That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate John Lennon, his talent, his music and the contribution he made (and is still making, even in death) to his genre.

    Your fall hurts just thinking about it. Did you go to the ER to make sure nothing is broken? Get better soon, gf!


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Hey! I loved S & G as well. Especially S. :-)

      I didn’t go to the ER, nope — it’s feeling a bit better tonight, so that’s a good sign. I tried to take it easy on the piano playing today, which helped. I’m on the mend!

  3. Hannah

    So I just read the part about hurting your wrist, and I think that You and Mr. Abrams should go into hiding in a safe sterile place so either of you don’t get sick or hurt yourselves before the concerts :)

  4. Stein

    Nice to be back in FinkLand!

    I have been teaching my 7th grade general music class a unit on the history of Rock. There were several artists/groups which stuck out in my teaching. Lennon was the only person that was mentioned on two seperate lessons; one about the Beatles and one about his life after the split. Today, after a lesson on hip-hop, I gave them the assignment of asking their parents where they were when he was shot. It was interesting to see their reaction when I compared it to asking where people were when they heard about September 11th. Maybe some time I shall bore you with my list of most historically important rock musicians…

      1. Rat Fink Post author

        Welcome back, Stein! Sounds like your class is a keeper — I’ll bet you heard lots of interesting answers. Lots of dads were probably watching MNF when they heard the news.

        And if I’d get on the ball and allow people to register a profile, they could have cool avatars like mine. :-) Someday I’ll get around to it!


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