Listy McListerman

I’m checking things off the list, I’m checking things off the list…I’m a list warrior, I’m tellin’ ya.

Actually, I’m not checking them off the list quite fast enough, but I’ve gotten through quite a bit this weekend. Still have to do some editing, score study and DT stuff. It’s progress, regardless.

In other news: I experienced an epiphany this weekend about letting stuff go. It was a good lesson. Have you ever felt that you’d been wronged, hurt or misunderstood, but you fought the temptation to set the record straight because this time, it just wasn’t about you? A victory to be sure, especially for someone like me, who always wants to be certain there is no misunderstanding. My mother used to accuse me of arguing my opinion to the point of exasperation (her exasperation, most often). She was right, and there’s still a lot of that hanging about, but here we are, at the tender age of 54, learning new lessons in self control.

Fist pull, high five, chest bump, go me. Besides, 2014 is the Year of Letting Go of Things. It’s been let go. *bing*

Are you having a good Sunday morning (or afternoon or evening)? I check Facebook and see lots of stuff going on, but I hope a big part of that is relaxing. Relaxing is on my list today, too — it’s set for 7:08 p.m. Yes!


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