Long drive day

This whole getting-to-where-you’re-going thing can be tedious. I wish we didn’t have to spend 8 hours just getting to South Dakota today, but hopefully, some of the trip will be scenic.

The extent of “stuff” we hauled into the beautiful Candlewood Suites in Salina, Kansas was comical. It was laundry day AND grocery day, so into the elevator went two suitcases, a cooler, various backpacks and tote bags (girl’s gotta have her makeup, snacks and 10,000 charger cables for phones, computers, etc.), all on one of those big metal hangy-uppy carts that you see bellhops pushing around.

Best thing, though — our room had a full size kitchen! So we got salads and fruit and yogurt and ate in. Watched True Blood and Mad Men, which rounded out the evening. Then the Thriller channel-surfed while I read myself into oblivion.

Actually, the best thing was that the forecasted thunder/hail storm never happened. Believe me, we were both up wondering about it every time the air conditioner compressor kicked on or off. Oy. Checking the weather that’s happening in the Dallas area and into Oklahoma right now, it’s a good thing we left when we did. Lucky ducks so far.

Checking the weather for the ever-volatile Nebraska: North Platte is calling for thunderstorms today, and thunderstorms in North Plate tend to be juuuust a bit different than thunderstorms in hometown Ohio. But we should be fine. And a high of 79 vs. a high of 103? Fine by me.

So off we go, to the showers, the breakfast nook and the road. Talk at ya from Murdo, SD, where we’ll unpack the wagon all over again.


2 thoughts on “Long drive day

  1. Mavis

    I know today was a looong drive for you, but tomorrow won’t be as bad. I think it’s like 300-some miles to the next stop. Were you able to see any good scenery today? Hope the weather was good!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      The weather was great! Our sit bones were a bit tired, but we really enjoyed the scenery. Photos forthcoming!


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