NE into SD

Good morning, fiends!

OK…so, it’s not that we don’t love moving in nature, and witnessing our great country in its most expansive, beautiful, serene state. But truthfully, after 8 hours of this:

Nebraska farm and grazing lands

…and this:

South Dakota beef ranches

…we were ready to relax here:

Range Country Inn — Murdo, SD

While the Thriller watched a hockey game, I took the iPad and sat out on a park bench, under a covered porch. A light rain started, and the temperature dropped to a super-comfy 72. A few minutes later, the sun appeared, and woo! A rainbow! And later, the clouds cleared away, but a piece of the rainbow hung around:

Always after me Lucky Charms...

Always after me Lucky Charms…

It’s a relaxing and beautiful place, with the South Dakota Cowboy theme going on everywhere. We loved our leisurely breakfast in the rustic lobby, with all kinds of animules staring lovingly down from the walls to stimulate your appetite for meat. Yum! We both dug the whole experience.

Today, it’s on to North Dakota, but it won’t be such a grueling drive. Not sure what kind of trouble you can get into in the lovely town of Dickinson, but you can be sure we’ll try and find some — or maybe it’ll find us. :-D

Check in with you tomorrow. Off to the pool, the shower, and the road to the rainy north. Ciao!

4 thoughts on “NE into SD

  1. Mavis

    Love me some farm land!!! You’re right – I love the decor of the rustic lobby. Well, minus the animal heads. :-/

    You should only have about a 5 hour trip to Dickinson today. So far, nothing really sticks out from their website. Knowing you two, you’ll find something! Safe travels! Love you both! <3

  2. BoomR

    “Greeeeeen Acres is the place to beeee!!!!” :-)

    What’s going on in Dickie-ville? (long-time family friend did a tour early in his career as the trombone instructor at Dickinson State Univ – he coined that name LOL) :-)

    Loving all the pics!

  3. Rat Fink Post author

    Dickieville, HA! Well, it was a big town, which is not what we were expecting. Then we thought about how close it is to Teddy Roosevelt National Park, and it made sense. Glad you’re enjoying the photos of Green Acres — we have definitely been breathing that country air!


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