Loving a good story

Yay for us! OK, so yesterday’s tale was a bit on the silly side, but I loved it all the same. Thank you for keeping it going! (Nice beginning there too, Edward C.)

FYI: I just discovered that in the particular WordPress theme I’m using (it’s called Renegade, of all things), you can’t view the comments on a “closed” post without clicking on the title of the post. I think that’s a bug, personally. But there you go. Just click on “It was a dark and stormy…” and you can see the yarn, all spun out.

OK. (deep sigh) Time to get ready to go to the school house. I haven’t said that in awhile, have I? Had a great day with Justin and Jake yesterday; now it’s time to slither back into reality. At least it’s Finkday though, ja? You have yourself a good one.

Off into the dark and stormy day…

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