Lurk-free Wednesday

OK, you know who you are. I know you’re out there: the Silent Majority.

According to (admittedly dated) information on Wikipedia, the interactive content of the online world breaks down thusly:

The creators (bloggers) make up one percent, and the contributors (those who comment) comprise ten. The other 89% “lurk” (read, but don’t comment). Now why is that? I mean, I can understand some disparity, as no one is compelled to comment on any forum anywhere, but them’s some janked up numbers.

I have since discovered that the BBC debunked the 1% rule (but in the UK only). Now it’s reportedly 10% who actively participate. Well, that’s better. But still…

If I maintained a user list (which I don’t) where readers were required to register and log in to comment, I’d likely have a lot fewer contributors than I do at present. If I ran a headcount of the individuals who have commented on my site since 2008, the number would probably be around 50 — including David Soul. :-) But wouldn’t it be great to have 50+  people in conversation around these parts on a regular basis? That’s why I got into this racket, fiends. Most of you know that. This is  — and always has been — a labor of love, as evidenced by the lack of ad space, which would drive much more traffic to my little warren. I don’t do it for the notoriety; I do it for the lurve.

And all of this is not to say that if you don’t comment, you’re not doing your job or some such nonsense. I read many blogs each morning, and I only comment on a few. As for the rest: I just skulk about, anonymously. Of course, I understand about moving on. There are several people who used to comment all the time, but don’t anymore. Regardless, I miss them. This post is also a virtual squeeze around the necks of my current contributors — don’t you dare desert me. In fact, if a reader de-lurks today, please help me to welcome him/her. It’s all about that snappy repartee, mes amis.

So — ready, lurkers? I’m sticking out my neck here. Come one, come all. Comment and let us know you’re out there. Let me know what you like or don’t like about this little enterprise (aside from saying that you like the fact that you can lurk undisturbed. :P )

People don’t like to give away that email address, and I understand that. Thing is, you can post anonymously here; just give a fake name. I promise I won’t blab your email address, and I have absolutely nothing to sell. You’ll never receive a newsletter from me. Cripes, I won’t even know your email address unless I call it up in the admin dashboard. You’ll never hear from me in email, unless it’s necessary to notify everyone of some imminent cataclysm.

Deal? Deal. K go. Tell me something. Even if it’s “You never post anything remotely interesting enough for me to comment on.”

Ouchy.  :shock:

12 thoughts on “Lurk-free Wednesday

  1. Mavis

    I guess you could say that I’m one of those “lurkers”. I do so enjoy reading this blog. I’ll admit that I only comment on the subjects that I’m somewhat familiar. Some subjects I know nothing about and am afraid I would sound silly trying to comment. :-) You always have very interesting subjects to read about, though! Your blog always makes me think, laugh, contemplate the universe or just plain feel good. Keep it up, Bird!

    Mavis….lurking in the shadows

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Hey Mavis, you are not in my lurker file! You always have something fun to say. And hey, not knowing about a thing never stops ME…

      Hahaha – XO!

  2. Rae

    I know what you mean. I’ve been writing some stuff lately and considering retooling my blog — but the idea that no one will read it when I go through the trouble is, ya know, sad. But, I enjoy reading your stuff. (And I may be calling you today once I figure out what’s going on this weekend….)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Nah, you’re good, Skylar. Just glad you’ve been coming back to read once in awhile!

  3. RhineBolt

    Well as long as its lurk-free Wednesday Ill take a few steps out in the sunlight, so to speak. I try to visit the blog everyday, when things slow down and I remember. I may be titled as a lurker, but I prefer to think of myself as a good listener, Ha, you speak your mind and Ill be your audience.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      You came out into the sunlight, and you didn’t disintegrate! Haha. Glad you stop by when you can, luv. Always a pleasure to hear from you.

  4. Tom Hanks

    If there are times when I read but don’t post it might be because I don’t feel like I know what I’m talking about enough to jump into the conversation…though that doesn’t always stop me obviously haha.

    I will endeavor to say more.

    I any case I always enjoy what you have to say and I won’t leave! You can’t make me!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      All right then, Stubby McStubbornman. You can stay!! :P

      Heck yeah, sonny — don’t ever let a lack of knowledge on a subject stop you from pipin’ up about it. I never do!

  5. BoomR

    Holy-schimolie! RTB got a “new doo”!! Woo-hoo!! Who knew?

    LOVE the new look, kiddo! And I’m gonna try & be better about gettin’ my buns over here & check in. I’ve decided to put my foot down with work – and if they don’t like my new MO, then they can follow the lyrics of that Johnny Paycheck song!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thanks, Boom Boom! Sure do miss you around these parts, sweetness. Tell ’em where to put it and git back here!!


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