“That didn’t work” Thursday

What can you do, eh? *shrug*

Tried to scare my lurkers out of the shadows, and they wouldn’t take the bait. But it was great to see the comments from my adored regulars, as well as some Finkites who don’t normally leave comments. Yay! That part worked. Thanks for the comment lurve! You know I thrive on it.

So, how do I know the lurkers lurk? Stats, fiends. Stat reports. I don’t know who each visitor is, but it lists a general location (of the ISP, that is; it could be that a person browsing from Cleveland is listed as being in Akron, so it’s all rather generic). Therefore, you needn’t fear that I’m stalking your clicky behavior. :-)

This week, I got about 160 hits a day. Compare that to the number of comments…lessee here, do the math. I get roughly an average of four different people leaving comments on a daily basis. Four is 2.5¬†percent of 160, so we’re good on the 1% rule.

At any rate, I’m happy. If people are reading and getting something out of it (even if it’s a sense of slightly confused bemusement), I’m delighted.

Goal for this day? Hunt for a new RtB template. This one’s two years old, almost to the day. Time to remodel.

Have a great Thurgsday — I’m off to walk Rousseau, then get to work. Lurkers:¬†Boo! There. Dyscare ya?


11 thoughts on ““That didn’t work” Thursday

  1. Tom Hanks

    We know at least one of those has to be David Soul. Come on out of the shadows Dave…we’ll be nice this time! Jerry Springer The Opera was far better than I could have hoped…and my expectations were HIGH.

    Also you other lurkers, things are nice in here…you should give it a try. I know what with all the “David Souls” and “Tom Hanks'” in here it might seem like a real celeb-fest and you wonder how to relate, but most of us are down to earth. And Davids work is such that he has earned the right to act however he wants.

    Amiright Fink? Hope you had a good walk with Rousseau…its rather nice out this morning. And idk how I feel about a new layout because I’m used to this one…but I bet you’d pick a kewl one.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Davey, Dave-dog, David. Have you no soul? No matter. I can always count on Hanksy.

      Well, how do you like the new wallpaper and paint? I still have a few code-hackins to take care of to put on the final frosting, but this is basically the look. Speek!

  2. Rae

    It took me an hour to find a new template… and I’m starting to feel attached to the old one. Maybe I’ll have to keep looking. By the way — “stats” are the crushing blow of writing a blog. Thanks for your comment. I probably shouldn’t write off the cuff like that, but… you know when I have pictures that I’ve sat a while and revised things. :)

    It’s so creepy, though. “Stats”. Now I notice, after not looking at them for a long time, that they have a map of the world and highlighted the US. Heaven forbid I make fun of Europe or something…

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Agreed — looking at the stats can be entertaining or sobering! I have one of those map thingies too — it’s cool to see who all hits your site from search engines (and WordPress seems to be really good about indexing).

      I enjoy your blog posts — like you, I can’t stop writing for long. It’s an addiction that needs fed every day. Fortunately, it doesn’t have the same effect as bath salts. Well, maybe sometimes it does…hahaha

  3. Will

    I would have commented yesterday, just yesterday was a rather crummy day that threatens to plant itself into today as well. Still, interesting statistics there.

  4. Mavis

    WHOA!!! I sure do like this new look, Bird! It draws you in. It looks fantabulous!

    I bet you’re on pins/needles today, eh?! So happy for you, Grammie. Keep me posted!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Hey thanks, Mavis! I’ve spent most of the day customizing it (hate that job), but I think it’s just about where I want it for now.

      I will keep you posted with any happenings!!


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