Merry Merry

Enjoy your day, everyone. Rejoice in the fact that you are loved, because when it all shakes out, nothing is more important than your family. It’s a good day to be grateful for that.

I’m off to watch Jakey open his gifts this morning…you know there’ll be cameras involved.


3 thoughts on “Merry Merry

  1. Jan

    I agree- I have had an awesome time with my family. I gave D and E a snow ball blaster. They looked like two kids out there. Boys and their toys!

  2. Rat Fink Post author

    Aw, cool! I’ll bet they had a blast. (No pun intended.) I still want to get me my 40-foot marshmallow blaster. I think I’m going to go order it right now…maybe Hammacher Schlemmer’s having an after-Christmas sale….

    Great to hear from you, Jan — how went Christmas Eve service? Oh…I saw the video on “Amen” from your church — very nice! That guy has a terrific voice. And who was that strawberry blonde babe playin’ the git-tar?

  3. Jan

    yeah that 19 year old is a music ed. major at University of Northern Colo. His sister (who sang for Christmas eve) is being courted by disney to audition for Ariel in the traveling production of “Little Mermaid”. She is something else! So needless to say I had a bunch of ringers singing in a small ensemble for Christmas eve. I didn’t get it recorded, but it was beautiful. “Carol of the Bells” went well too! THe power supply on my poor keyboardist was cutting out a bit, and she nearly freaked. But we ploughed through. The babe on guitar, well, she was just eye candy ;-)


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