Missing you.

I don’t think I’ve gone five days without a post in the entire almost-six years we’ve been together, you and I.

You can be sure that when I go this long without writing, something else really huge is horning in. Of course, that would beĀ Fiddler on the Roof. It was a week of uncertainty and disappointment, ended yesterday by hope and enthusiasm, on the part of both the actors and the directors. Huzzah. They might be pulling something together here.

Truth be told, I’d rather just stay home, watch the Browns, and visit with the grandsons, but there is much to do yet before I crash early tonight. Orchestra rehearsal at school, cooking for the week of late-night rehearsals, entering grades, reading six Beethoven essays, getting the program ready to go to print, doing last-minute stuff before opening next Saturday…it never ends.

But I’m doing all these tasks with a renewed sense of encouragement. We may all survive this yet…

Happy Sunday! I’ve missed you.

9 thoughts on “Missing you.

  1. David

    My morning coffee has not tasted the same without you…you indeed have been missed!
    All your hard work, long hours will soon culminate in this great show; all I can think of is what a blessing you must be to all those kids! You are the best, always knew that! Sending all the prayers, all the karma, all the good juju I have your way!

  2. PKPudlin

    Such is the life of a performing artist – I know it well.
    To you and your hard-working crew – Break a leg!!

    Been there. Still there.

  3. RD

    I’ve missed you too, but figured you were consumed with Fidler plus all of your other responsibilities. Fulfilling your passion and doing it excellently is your M.O., but it still requires tons and tons of energy. Will be thinking of you intensely throughout this week and performance week-end.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thank you, dear friend! Bottom line, I guess: six days from now, it’ll all be over for another year. And you’ll have had another winter in Paradise. Enjoy that sun! *jealous*


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