More RNFs at 4 a.m.

Why, why, why did I awaken at 4:00 with “Who’s the Thief?” running through my head? Probably because we ran it a hundred times last night. Singing in 7/8 is grand.

Oh well. No time like the present to make a packing list for convention tomorrow. I need three of everything. Three outfits, three pairs of shoes, three um…well, that’s all I need three of. What else do you pack? Device chargers, laptop, iPad, candy, a big bowl for it and the JECO pens to give away as booth goodies, signage. Then there’s the ridiculous lanyard I have to wear, school paperwork, and most importantly, my Joseph score to work on in the room.

Oh yeah — sub plans for two days. Oy, forgot about that.

Am I forgetting anything else? If not, it’s teach today, rehearse till 9 tonight, and hit the road tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing some people I haven’t connected with since last year. But first, get through today. Today is going to be busy.

Anyone else doing anything fun?

Ready, steady…go!

5 thoughts on “More RNFs at 4 a.m.

  1. Suzanne

    Geez is it almost weekend??? Hmmm as far as I know I don’t have anything fun except to watch (hopefully) the rest of season 3 Downton Abbey.

    Have a great time, Linda, it will be nice to have a bit of a break. :)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thanks Suzi! I think it will be nice. (Just dragging out of bed at 7 a.m. was nice, actually, haha)

      And how can you get Season 3 in its entirety? The Beeb?


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