More Things That Make Me Happy

You ¬†know, I do like stuff, too. Lots of stuff. Sometimes you wouldn’t know it, the way I snark on about thus-and-so. But I do derive great joy from many things (besides the obvious — family, friends, my students). Behold:

I Like

  1. Lime Jello with mandarin oranges and pineapple — for breakfast
  2. The smell of fall in the air, especially in the morning
  3. Putting on a pair of jeans and finding money in the pocket
  4. Knowing that the show will eventually come together
  5. Lying on the sofa under my electric blanket
  6. Not having to set a 5 a.m. alarm
  7. The people I work with (^5 to my good pals Stoney and Meg’s Mom)
  8. The fact that Rousseau thinks I’m delightful and is always excited to see me

I covet your list of likes for today — though I’m sure “that it’s Monday” won’t be on them.

Arg. :-/

6 thoughts on “More Things That Make Me Happy

  1. BoomR

    1. YOU
    2. Anything that’s a gadget that works with other gadgets :-)
    3. Gigging with BluVox (or pretty much anything with BluVox)
    4. Our house
    5. People that throw $100 bills in my tip jar and ask me to sing silly songs like “King of the Road” or Dean Martin songs… (students of Ratfink, please have her explain or better yet, sing for you…)
    6. Getting upgrades to business class or first class
    7. South Beach Diet & being able to get into clothes that have been in a drawer for 3 years because I got too fat…
    8. Anything chocolate (but now I have to look for sugar-free…see #7 above)
    9. My new car with the new MyFord Touch system (see #2 above)
    10. Getting to see YOU twice this year!!

    It’s almost 3 pm & time to head to the airport… I’m outta here!


  2. Suzanne

    Did my tail wag when I saw you??? LOL

    I have some of the same likes–fall in the air, crawling into bed with my electric blanket (although I do have to turn it off as I get those durned hot flashes!), no alarm clock, putting on jeans and they still fit (oh wait…that’s not what you said HA)

    My likes: Chevy the Famous American Cat sitting on my lap, my short easy hair-do, H having dinner ready when I have the occasional late route, playing FairyLand and Mafia Wars on Facebook (my new form of relaxation plus it keeps me awake…otherwise I sit in my comfy chair and fall asleep way too early!)…..

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      You know…I feel the same way about that stupid Angry Birds game. I’ve completed all the levels — now I’m going back in and trying to get the max score on all of them. It’s a much-needed diversion right about now. Blah!

      And I’m planning on the day when I put jeans on that still fit. HA

  3. Meg's Mom

    How can I not respond to that…albeit a little late.

    Things I like:

    1. taking walks in the Fall
    2. reading a good book by the fire
    3. listening to (and sometimes slightly contributing to) good music
    4. talks….real, honest…talks with dear friends and family
    5. teaching…on those rare, magical moments when it all fits together
    6. watching my students mature into some amazing people (somedays I see this…somedays I don’t)
    7. snuggling with my grandkids…oh yeah, I LOVE that, not just LIKE it!

    Have a good day, friend. Hang in there! You and Stoney will work your magic and the show will be amazing!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Hey g/f, don’t sell yourself short on the music end — you are fab, and I know this firsthand! We are hanging in there, fellow Grammie. Last night was a bit stressful, but I think we’ve had a breakthrough. Keep everything crossed!


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