New England on the brain

No, not the Patriots — are you kidding? (I’m officially pulling for the G-Men.) Actually, I mean our upcoming New England Odyssey.

Last night, we nailed down the final lodging arrangements, thereby sealing our itinerary in wet cement. I mean, everything’s changeable, but we’re basically sticking with this plan, which is slightly different than our previous skeleton outline. We’ve decided against Canada and Detroit on the way home, and we’ll bypass some points in New York. But bring on all the rest, baby. I am ready today.

We’re especially looking forward to Bangor, Bar Harbor, Cape Cod, and the fabulous scenery on the Cafe Lafayette Dinner Train. Then there’s staying in the historic Hawthorne in old Salem. BoooOoOOooooOo (I understand the Hawthorne is haunted — terrific). Driving through — and stopping along — the countryside towns will be unforgettable, I’m sure. Lots of photography.

Fort Ticonderoga will be fantastic, but I still doesn’t wants to go on the ferry. :-| Hershey, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Foxwoods:  all fun diversions. Man, snap your fingers and it’s June. Don’t I wish…

But nope, it’s still January, and I’m still going to work. Working all weekend, too. Innat nice? How about you? Any fun plans?

5:30 a.m. edit — Just got the call for a 2-hour delay. Now that definitely makes the list of Things That Do Not Bite. 8-)

13 thoughts on “New England on the brain

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      The Birthplace of Paul Bunyan! Yep, we are definitely going to see it (as you remember, I have a strange, love-hate relationship with Muffler Men). But I will keep my distance, in case it comes to life (again) and tries to attack me. *shiver*

  1. Mavis

    It’s going to be a fantastic trip! Work is going to go by quickly, sweets. I love work – I could sit and watch it for hours. :-/

    So many cool places to see on this Odyssey! I can’t wait to see all the pictures that I KNOW you’ll be sending me. Just remember – be street smart….and “Pennywise”. hehehe

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I knew someone would get that nasty Pennywise name in somewhere! We are mos def going to drop by SK’s Bangor house and take some photos. I always take you with me vicariously, you know that! :-) Creepy place, though…kind of reminds me of the house in Rose Red. ICK!!


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