As January ends…

…I have feelings of minor trepidation. Can trepidation be minor? For today, yes.

I have enjoyed January this year, immensely. Pourquoi? Because almost every single school day, I’ve left at 3:15 to go home. It’s the only month of the year I will be able to do so, and as you surely know, January is coming to an end. I’m certain some of my colleagues have seen my skateboard exiting the parking lot post-haste and thought, “Where’s she going in such a hurry?” It’s just me, hittin’ the door runnin’ at quittin’ time, fiends. That’s all. Home to dinner, cooking, baking, blogging, reading, family, and bedtime at a decent hour.

But come the first of February and lasting right up until graduation, all that will be a distant memory, and it’s back to the Old Routine of living at school until 8:00 every night. It’s OK though. I enjoy it (most of the time), because the kids are fun to work with, and I’m not old enough yet to constantly think about getting home to relax and do my other life. I just think about it most of the time.  :mrgreen:

There were some years in the not-so-distant past when all I thought about was doing what I needed to do in order to put in 100% at school. I sacrificed much in other areas, to my lasting regret. But recently (I’d say around this moment), all that changed. I’m a different person now. I care a bit less — not much, but some — about what others think of me. I’m having some success in that area. I’m saying “no” more. I’ve found more joy in small things. Does this mean I’ve finally grown up?

I hope not.  :lol:

Hey, it’s Tunesday, and I’m trying a new recipe (BoomR’s mom’s “Stay in Bed Stew”). Look for an update on TCF in the near future.

6 thoughts on “As January ends…

  1. Mavis

    It’s been wonderful having you home a lot more!! I’m looking forward to when school is out so we can spend more time in the kitchen trying new recipes. I’m anxious to see BoomR’s Mom’s stew recipe!

    It’s not that you’ve “grown up”, it’s just that you realized what you can hang on to, and what you can let go. We both know it’s a painstaking process, but it’s definitely doable. Proud of ya, Bird.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      What you can hang onto, and what you can let go: the biggest challenge! Thanks, Mavis. Sometimes though, it’s enough to p1$$ off the Pope! :P

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Yes it is, Suzly! And if the next 4 go by as fast as the last 5, all will be well. COME ON, MEMORIAL DAY

  2. BoomR

    OOOOhhhh!!! Now I’m a-hungerin’ for some Stay In Bed Stew!!! And of course none of the fixin’s in sight (plus at 6pm, fat chance I’ll be eating it any time soon)!!

    Thanks, luv!! xoxox


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Well that sounds like me — gee, I want some stew — too bad it’s 6:00. SiBS is on the menu for lunch today, too — it was great!


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