If I dream, I usually don’t remember doing so. I don’t know why. But there are rare exceptions.

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but at some point last night, I had a nightmare. I dreamed we had a 2-hour delay at school, and I used the time to have coffee at my breakfast table with my parents. La-dee-da, nothing wrong there — except 1) Dad and Mother passed away in 1995 and 1996, respectively, and 2) I don’t have a breakfast table in my tiny little kitchen.

Bizarre, to be sure, but I was enjoying it, apparently. Then the weird thing happened: I forgot to go to school.

The rest of the otherwise-pleasant dream experience was horrifying. I couldn’t find a phone. Anywhere. All I could say to everyone around me (and I didn’t even know some of the people) was, “I’m gonna lose my job! I’m gonna lose my job!” I remember trying desperately to come up with an outfit, and flinging open closet door after closet door, only to find the closets empty.

Then, for the pièce de résistance, I happened to find a phone and called the school. The middle school secretary said, “You can come in, but Terry [my principal] has reassigned all your kids to other teachers.” Great. Not only am I in trouble with my bosses, but I’m a permanent pariah to my colleagues. I’m dead to them.

The nightmare must have faded away, because I remember nothing more after that.

What does this mean, my clever fiends? Any Josephs out there want to interpret? I promise I won’t throw you in jail.


Fink out(ta here, because there’s no 2-hour delay and I have to get to school on time!)

3 thoughts on “Nightmare

  1. Stein

    I’ll add my 2bits here since this is my “6th grade study hall” time. Seriously, dreams are awesome. Even if they are nightmares at the time, they are so incredibly bizarre that they are worth having just so you can share them. (Maybe that’s just me, though.) Your dream tells me a couple of things…
    1. You enjoy your job and wouldn’t want to compromise a moment of personal pleasure at the expense of getting fired or 8-balled.
    2. You are forshadowing the events of 11/26/2008 with the 2-hour delay.

  2. Jan

    Hmmmm…. My interpretation is this. You miss your parents and want an opportunity to talk with them again. If this could actually happen it would trump every other function in your life. When you realized that you missed going to work, you found the strain of your job responsibility collide with the desire to stay with them a moment longer.

    From there the dream moves into the “stress job” nightmare scenario, which I have about 2-3 a year where everything goes bad at work. Very normal for a person of high ideals and perfection about their work.

    That will be $5,342.68. Your bill will arrive shortly.

  3. Rat Fink Post author


    Both of you have it nailed, I think!

    Stein – I’m not so much worried about not coming to school tomorrow as I am about getting home tonight. Yikes. #1 Son said he would come and get me if I needed him to — I might take him up on it if it gets much worse. It wasn’t supposed to snow this much today.

    Jan – ah yes, my dear old friend (it’s been exactly 22 years, you know). You are probably right. I don’t know why Mother & Dad popped in there, you know? Maybe I’m missing them extra because the holidays are coming up. Regardless, I hear you about things at work falling apart…my only hope is that the trend of falling back together holds out! Have a great turkey weekend, luv.


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