Over 40 and fabulous

Yesterday I saw a picture of Kurt Russell, and I thought, “Wow, he looks good for 57 years old.” Then I wondered how many other actors, say, over 40, still look great (and by “great,” I mean “not necessarily drop-dead gorgeous, but really good”). Here’s my list, in somewhat ordered fashion (especially the last 2).

Still Got it After 40 List

And just for my friend Bando:

A couple of these photos, admittedly, were taken before the actors were 40 (both Hughs, for instance), but I liked them, so I posted them.

So who are your favorites? Who else in Hollywood has kept it basically together without destroying his face with cosmetic surgery? Let’s stick to men this time — I’ll do a post on girls later.

Photo credits: Time, Vanity Fair, Universal Pictures, GQ, imdb.com, Associated Press, AMC-TV.

5 thoughts on “Over 40 and fabulous

  1. Rat Fink Post author


    Actually Meggles, I didn’t forget them. I just have issues with how they look now compared to how I remember them when I was married to them back in the 80s. :-(

  2. Bando

    Love the list — all solid choices (the JBJ pic is creepy, though). Thanks for adding Mr. Hamm just for me. It made my day/week/month and possibly even year. I view him as you do Johnny — perfection, simply put. :-) Thanks for making my day!


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