No blue Monday here

Hey, aren’t you proud of me? I’m on vacation and I actually know what day it is.

I am slashing through my to-do list (OK, I don’t actually have one written out, which should surprise no one, but there’s a kind of list going in my head), making some good progress. Three charts got done yesterday; about 10 hours of work. Glad it’s out of the way.

I like writing my own arrangements. Unlike some choral directors who feel dread when faced with providing their own music for their singers, I get quite a bit of enjoyment out of it. In fact, I wish I could make a living at it. However, I wonder if you’re aware of what an absolute pain it is — I’m talking serious hassle, here — to get arrangements published when the music is not your original composition. Holy cats. Check this out and look at the pictures:

Back in 2011, I wrote a chart on Michael McDonald/Beth Chapman’s gorgeous Christmas song, “Peace.” After submitting it to a respected mentor for advice and getting some good feedback, I thought I’d take a shot at throwing it at a publisher.

I started by tracking down the company that owns the rights to the song. ASCAP had the info I needed, so I contacted the first person I could find. Over the next several weeks, after a dozen phone calls, the obligatory faxes, and a half dozen emails and redirects, I did what was required (submitting my request to the company that holds the publishing rights of “Peace”) and found this


So I gave up. It’s OK, though. I have plenty keeping me busy; no intrinsic need to worry about rejection of my stuff at the moment. As long as the audiences and the kids think it’s decent, I’m fine with that.

But no worries for today, Jim! The Thriller and I are going to see Star Wars this afternoon, followed by dinner out. We’ll likely call this our anniversary celebration, as we won’t be going anywhere on the 31st. Too much crazy prowling about on that night.

Hope you’re not having a blue Monday.

4 thoughts on “No blue Monday here

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      We liked it! You can tell that it’s definitely geared to draw the old people back in, and there were a couple of astonishing surprises, too. Have you seen it yet?

  1. David

    I think it is pretty out-flipping-standing that you write your own arrangement for your students…just sayin not all those in your position do that!
    You’re the best Finkster!
    Heading out to awaken our force or something…??


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