Year 20

A few small changes between then and now.

Cuppla small changes between then and now.

That’s what we’re starting today, the Thriller and I. Nineteen years in the books. Crazy, man.

And he hasn’t run out of the house and into the street screaming yet. Imagine that. Life is not easy with the likes of me, what with shows taking me away from home regularly during the school year, my being the quintessential insecure artist train wreck, and generally functioning as his polar opposite in many ways:

  • I could leave the dishes in the sink overnight and not think about it for two more days. He has to have them taken care of.
  • I’d let the laundry pile up and do it once a week. He likes to keep at it so it’s always at a minimum.
  • I’m an avid reader; he’d rather watch TV for relaxation.
  • He likes to put up Christmas lights; I couldn’t care less about it.
  • Our politics are not quite aligned.
  • He likes ghostie and Bigfoot shows, while I think they’re ridiculous (and he likely thinks the same about all my crazy dramas on the DVR, but doesn’t feel the need to poke fun at them…hmmm…I need to work on that).
  • He’s a processor; a thinker. He’s good with numbers. I’m…well, everything that’s not that. :-D
  • Basically, he’s this and I’m this.

That said, we do share a lot of likes and dislikes:

  • We’re both picky eaters (he even more than I, if my family can imagine that)
  • We love to play video poker
  • Chocolate covered cherries are a food group, and so is anything drowning in hot fudge
  • Road trips are the best; the longer, the better
  • Camping is for the young, and for those who don’t mind mosquitoes, rock-hard sleeping surfaces, sweating and getting filthy — um, yeah
  • We adore our grandchildren
  • We aspire to the same retirement goals (new house, some more travel)
  • We both love dogs

Right now, we’re preparing for a stay-at-home celebration of ordering food in and watching a movie on PPV, maybe. Or perhaps we’ll have some fun chatting over dinner, then he’ll go watch the Blackhawks and I’ll do some reading or Dinner Theatre prep. It doesn’t have to be a crazy party to be a joyeaux célébration. Regardless, it’s been a real nice clambake over the last 19+ years. Hugs and love to the Thriller, and happy NYE to all of you!

15 thoughts on “Year 20

  1. Mavis

    I think you’re both grand! I love the comparison of the calm, serene lake, to the churning rapids. :-) I’d say that’s about right. You compliment each other and that’s hard to find in marriages these days. Hold on to that, Bird. I see many fun adventures in both of your futures. Being able to do all of that with your best mate, well, it’s priceless. Have a wonderful anniversary day, sweetness! Give Thriller a big hug from Mavis. Give yourself one, too! ;-)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Haha I thought it fit us perfectly, right?? :-D Thanks for the kind words, Mave. I will give appropriate hugs, and hey, see you Sunday morning!!

  2. RD

    Congratulations and happy anniversary to both of you! Bonnie and I know first hand about being polar opposites. It makes for an interesting life of learning to complete each other rather than conflict. To the happy anniversary I add wishes for a happy and blessed year for both of you and your family.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thank you friend! And you’re right: it does make things interesting! Good thing is that the fun part of it balances the bashing-head-on-the-desk part. hahaha (and that goes both ways!)

      HNY to you and Bonnie, too!

  3. Suzanne

    What a great post! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your life right from the beginning of it all!

    Have a wonderful evening no matter what you do.


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Hey, I thought about that this morning. You and I got married “this way” when getting married “this way” was almost unheard of. Now it’s pretty normal (and I wonder how many of them can say that they’re still together after 18 and 20 years).

      Love you! Happy New Year — tell us Murricans how 2016 looks from across the pond!

      1. Suzanne

        I have to laugh at you ya nut! It sounds like WE got married!! LOL

        Actually when you think about it, when you and Thriller got married was when we met for the first time IRL. So yeah, the “marriage” of our friendship was confirmed that yes we even liked each other For Reals!

        I think we were real daredevils. Or crazy. Or both. :)

        1. Rat Fink Post author


          I’m totally leaving it like that. hahahaha

          We proved long ago that physical proximity has little to do with how good of friends people can become. yay!! (And I vote crazy)

  4. David

    Congratulations! Happy Anniversary! Coolness to the Nth!
    I truly believe that differences are crucial in relationships; like + and – poles of battery, without them there is absolutely no juice!
    We have a saying that we use almost daily, quite simple, because we are such opposites…Never Boring!
    Happy for you both that together you’re that perfect whole! Peace and Love! :)

      1. David

        Ditto…would love to rendezvous for a day or two with you guys on one of your forays. Just so you know we hotel or resort camp…ain’t no mor sleeping on the hard ground! Just sayin… :)


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