Now this is my kind of guy

Check this out:

Someone got so annoyed with the misuse/misunderstanding of the fallacy of begging the question, he made an entire (albeit satirical) website about it, complete with printable error cards, gently reminding offenders of their bungle:

Now that is fabulous. I urge you to copy this picture and save it. The next time an anchorperson misuses the BTQ phrase on your local television or radio news (wait for it, it’ll happen), email the picture to the station.

I especially like the section called “Frequently Begged Asked Questions.” Heh. And lo and behold, he shares my disdain for the biggies:

  • Could of, would of, should of
  • “I could care less”
  • Apostrophe abuse

And, oh bliss and joy, he also has merch.

This is going to be a good day.

Fink out.

2 thoughts on “Now this is my kind of guy

  1. Charlie

    Give people a break. Why get so exasperated about how people write and speak? Well, I guess it’s “neither here nor there”.


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