When I’m 75

I hope I look this good. Believe me, I am going to try; I will use every medical, physical, nutritional, herbal and pharmaceutical method at my disposal to try to pull it off.

This is actress Joan Collins – remember her, Aged Ones, from the 1980s nighttime soap Dynasty ? (I never missed a single episode.) She was 22 years old in this picture, and personally, I think she was every bit as beautiful as Elizabeth Taylor was at the same age. Anyway, she just celebrated her 75th birthday at her villa in St. Tropez (as you do). Her husband, Percy (32 years her junior…some girls have all the luck), threw her a surprise party there, and she wrote about it in the London Daily Mail.

The Mail published her photos of the day, and I must say she looks smashing for her age.

In this picture, she’s posing with her husband, daughters, and granddaughters. [Isn’t the one in the hat a dead ringer for her?] The only thing that makes me look sideways at her is her vehement denial of ever having had plastic surgery. Rather, she owes her stunningly well-preserved looks to lipstick.

No, really. That’s what she said.

Still, whatever she did, she looks great. And I really need to get in shape. Ugh.

Fink out(side for a walk).

Photo credit: The Daily Mail

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