NYC Day One

As I was up from 3:00 a.m. Tuesday until 11:00 last night, I’m happy to be sitting here at 5:56 talking to you. :-D

I have a funny story. It’s not funny-ha-ha (well, it kind of is), but it might make you smile. The funny story, however, will have to wait until I have a moment to update later, because, well…it’s 5:56 a.m. and I have to be downstairs at 6:25 to meet 104 of my closest friends.

For those who follow on Facebook: I’ll update there when I’ve told the tale, and you can come back over. For those who don’t, check back around noon or so. Once the days get going around here, it’s hard to stop them, but I’ll see if I can’t connect the ol’ iPad on the bus ride into the city. Good? Good.

Today, it’s Today (we didn’t have time to do it yesterday, which happens to be part of the “funny” story), then Central Park, the village, shopping in Times Square, dinner at Bubba Gump, then the short walk to the Majestic Theatre for Phantom. Good day planned.

Too bad our red knight didn’t win at Medieval Times. Hmmm. Fink’s knight lost. Who knew? What’s that now…nine for nine? *fist pull*

FO till later — many hugses to my fiends

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