Observations for a Sunday

Or, another Random Neuron Firings post. Some days, I simply must exercise the stream-of-consciousness muscle.

  1. My friend Stoney waits like three days before responding to my text messages. *sniffing clothing* Should I be worried? Update: She just responded to my text from last night. :-)
  2. My bank put a fraud block on my debit card Thursday morning, and I freaked. (All was well…they were just looking out for me.)
  3. Mavis and I need to seriously pare down our new recipes to try for Thanksgiving, or our family will never get out of my house without wheelchair assistance.
  4. I want to see Social Network. Has anyone seen it yet? If so, I covet your commentary.
  5. Yesterday’s marathon rehearsal, where we ran Act I for the first time all the way through, wasn’t as much of a train wreck as we thought it would be. Thumbs up.
  6. I continue to fight the extreme temptation to fix mistaken assumptions. I have to be OK with other people’s opinions about me not being my problem.
  7. RD is back in his sunny Florida paradise. Let’s hate him.
  8. I get to see Justin and Jake (and their parents) today after all, and as soon as I’m finished here, I’m going to breakfast with Mavis. Yay! Now, seeing Lars and Helen, and Jon and Simone, would make my weekend truly complete. I hope they’re free for an hour today.
  9. Things at school are getting a bit sticky. Need to bring a can of Pam tomorrow.
  10. As some of you know, my classroom has been infested by wasps. The exterminator came and did his thing on Friday afternoon. I went into my room yesterday before rehearsal and found 12 dead pests — but two very happy, alive ones. This does not bode well.

Finally, I’ve been saving this in my email and forgetting to post it. I found it quite humorous. You’ve probably seen it already, but here it is in case you haven’t. I just wish the creator would have used some righteous spell-check on a couple of the names. Eek. Anyway, they are witty and funny.

If Facebook Existed Years Ago…


All right, enjoy your Sumday. I’m out.

6 thoughts on “Observations for a Sunday

  1. Rae

    I just cracked up laughing at the Cockroach “Whatevs”… you probably could hear me from your place. And at the “John Wilkes Booth likes this”.

  2. Suzanne

    HAAAA these are funny!

    Just stopping in say HELLO and scream 6 days!!!!!!!!

    We are in Mackinaw City, about to head out and check out a shopping mall. Need me some light gloves as we are going to go biking on Mackinac Island tomorrow.

    We must be crazies. :)


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      SIX DAYS till I hug the stuffin outta you. Can’t wait! Have fun on the bicycles — yer a better man than I, let me tellya! :-)


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