Odyssey 2015

We don't yet know what it means to miss it, but we're looking forward to finding out.

We don’t yet know what it means to miss it, but we’re looking forward to finding out.

We didn’t think there’d be one, but huzzah! We decided to finagle some things (translation: postpone a couple of house projects till fall and winter) and jump in after all because life is short, and who knows, when the Thriller and I are 106 and 98, respectively, maybe we won’t be able to travel as easily. So we restarted an engine we shut off back in 2013. Neither of us has ever been to New Orleans, so that will be Odyssey 2015! We’re way more excited than we were then (for reasons unexplained…*shrug*), so we’re up for any suggestions on what to see and do.

The plan is to take a week or 9 days or so, and visit Daddy and Kathy near Tupelo, then swing down to Biloxi for some obligatory casino fun for a couple of days. Then it’s off to Nawlins to see the sights and enjoy the food and music and shopping. And shopping.

We will of course eat a beignet or three at Café du Monde, and see Jackson Square and shop at the former Jax Brewery. We’ll also walk some ghostie places, so the Thriller can see in person what he’s loved on television (I’d also like to see some places where Interview with the Vampire was filmed). While New Orleans/Dixieland jazz is not my favorite, I still want to hear some Preservation Hall-type stuff, as well as hop a club or two to listen to more mainstream jazz/blues.

Harrah’s *should* comp a room, or at least offer the Thriller an insane deal, so we’ll likely just stay there, as opposed to searching for a cool B&B in the French Quarter. We can walk around and see those.

So, any suggestions for fun? My daughter-in-law Helen is a NOLA vet, having gone to Tulane and visited there many times since, so she’ll be a definite go-to person for us, but we’re open to any and all ideas.

Happy Wednesday — we’re off to spend the day with the Js, who are at this moment still vegging with my iPad and tablet. Time to get the show up and running. Ciao (or should I say, au revoir)! :-D

5 thoughts on “Odyssey 2015

  1. RD

    This sounds wonderful , and I’m glad that you could work it out to do an odessy this year. I’ve never been to New Orleans, so I have no suggestions. Hannah will be an excellent resource. We’ve talked about going via N. Orleans sometime on our migration to Paradise. When we do we’ll look to you for guidance about what to see and what to avoid. Have a blast!

  2. David

    Excited for you and Thriller…things like tile and home projects can always be done. Anytime you can visit family and see some unseen sights…truly happy for you both. I have never been to Nawlins but can honestly say it is way down the list of things to see before…you know.
    This coming Monday we charge up the chariot and head for Seattle to spend a week with the Eldest and his wife for the Fourth. We are taking the hounds with us as they both travel well and they can now meet their cousin Harper, the handsome Vizsla. After that week we are spending a week in a cabin on a river up in the Cascades and then we will meander wherever. We are champion meanderers…we might go into British Columbia or we might head down the Pacific Coast.
    So I cannot wait to hear of your escapades and vicariously enjoy your pics…will share ours as well. Enjoy and Bon Voyage!

  3. Mavis

    We are so glad you guys decided to do this! I will admit, though, that it’s a selfish reason – we get to keep the pups!! ;-)

    I’ll look forward to the many pictures!


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