Odyssey 2018

I confess it makes me sad to look at all our past Odysseys in the category list and see the gaping hole that was 2017. Twenty-seventeen was a sad year, and I’ll always view it that way. I’m starting to become accustomed to the notion that I will never “get over” the Thriller not being with me; rather, I’ll just learn to deal with it better. And I’m all right with that, because I know that’s what he’d want from me.

He also wanted me to take this upcoming trip for years. So I’m doing it.

Odyssey 2018: The Pilgrimage.

Fully 40 years in the making, it’s going to be quite the reward for my outrageous fandom. I will try to not act like a giddy fool.

Now, to those who know me and my issues with aeroplanes, you know this is a big deal. And not only am I flying to UK this summer, I’m also flying out to Sacramento to visit Kay. Whaddya think of that noise? Me and my Valium will get a major workout on the runways.

My sister Vicki and sister-in-law (also Vicki, and a native of Manchester UK) have been super helpful with the details of what to do in Liverpool, and where to go, how to get there, and what to do stateside to prepare to leave. I’ve also done some research on good tips for women traveling alone, and I must say I’m really looking forward to it. Super huge thanks to my sister Mavis, who will take great care of my pups so I don’t have to worry at all. (Fellow pet people know what I’m talking about.)

Super-coolest detail, though: if the planets align and she can swing it, my dear fiend and fellow RtB citizen Suzanne will hop a plane from her home near Amsterdam to join me for a couple of days on the London leg of my trip. How fun is that?

So, come 10 June, I’m traveling to northern Illinois to visit with my four fabulous, crazy aunts, stay the night, and then drive to Chicago to jump on the plane to Manchester (if I must fly, I prefer direct flights and don’t mind driving a bit to grab one — and the price was right this time). From Manchester airport, I’ll get on the train to Liverpool to relax for a bit at the Nadler, then start my wanderings. Can’t wait.

Are you doing something fun or outrageous this summer? If so, do tell — I don’t want to feel like the Lone Ranger here.

Love to all.

17 thoughts on “Odyssey 2018

  1. RD

    Hooray for you! Enjoy to the fullest as you live a lifelong dream! I anticipate reading your blogs as you chronicle Odyssey 2018, and will vicariously enjoy your adventure. We have not, as of now, made any extraordinary summer plans.

  2. Heidi

    Aww, you can do the plane thing. It’s actually enjoyable, just take a good pair of headphones. Listen to music or watch a movie, have a couple adult beverages. You’ll enjoy, but I gotta be honest it will be different going alone – been there done that :(. The Thriller will be there in your heart ??

  3. Mary Sims

    What a wonderful trip. I do hope Suzanne makes it to see you. I cannot wait to read your blogs and travel vicariously through you.

  4. Darice

    Summer sounds so close when you say it…what a grand adventure you’ll have. None in the works for us yet – but our oldest (8) has requested a roadtrip to Seattle to visit a dear rescue/rehab we’ve been following on Instagram. (We’ll see if that happens…) ;-)

    So very happy for you to be taking time for yourself! Much love, always.

  5. BoomR

    WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW!!!

    ….did I say WOW??!! :-) My toes are even tingling with the excitement for you & this amazing adventure! OK, and I’m a little jelly, too, as London is one of my all-time favorite cities to visit. You will have the time of your life! (and yes, you will be JUST fine after riding in that huge thing-a-ma-jiggy with those wings & windows & stuff…).

    When I worked for Nokia & was traveling to Finland like every 4-6 weeks, I’d actually overnight in London on the return trip. On many occasions, I stayed at a place called The Tower Hotel. https://www.guoman.com/en/london/the-tower.html It sits nestled at the foot of Tower Bridge (what most people call “London Bridge”).

    It’s right on the river, and walking distance to Tower Bridge, of course, but also Tower of London (where I think the crown jewels are kept). There are plenty of sites to see within walking distance of that hotel, including a cool little district called Canary Wharf. Lots of shops & restaurants, and just a nice little stroll around the wharf. When BluVox & I took our first “travel date” to London for a weekend to see Wicked (yes, long story LOL), we found a great pizza place in Canary Wharf… there’s a FB “throwback Thurs” pic of us at that restaurant.

    At any rate, I’m so happy for you, I am squealing like a 10 yr old girl at her first Shakira/Demi Lovato/Beyonce concert! :-)


  6. David

    This is the coolest news I have heard in some time! I am just a tad green but more excited for you than I am capable of articulating! I am so breaking out Revolver today in celebration!
    I am a bit worried, you and Suz in London for a few days, does the Queen know?
    I put the over/under on Beatles clothing at 4!

    My plans are nada…simply going to cherish this news and smile, and laugh!

    You my Dear Ms Finkster are loved and of course remain in my heart and prayers.

    1. Suzanne

      I got this!! I am taking a bouquet of broccoli to welcome her to this side of the pond. As for the Queen, she ain’t got NOTHIN ‘ on us! *snap*

  7. Nancy

    Linda, Yay to you! I’m so excited for you! I did a 13 day solo venture to Scotland last September and it was amazing!! You will love the UK! If you’d like any “traveling single” suggestions,( or what you may need in the UK) don’t hesitate to ask. From what I’ve heard you speak of Thriller, he’d be thrilled that you are doing this. <3. And I bet he’ll be guiding you on your way as well.

  8. Victoria Pierce

    I’m so excited for you sister! Don’t be concerned about the plane. It’s the safest way to travel! Let us know if you need anything else… as you know we have connections in England. Love you — and don’t correct my grammar lol ..
    Victoria Pierce

  9. Deb Clemons

    How exciting…I am quite jelly right now. Can not wait to see the pictures. We have no plans for summer as of right now. We take things one day at a time right now. Have a wonderful time and say “hi” to the queen for me!


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