Oh, don’t mind me.

I’ve just been up with dogs since 1:53 a.m., because their insides were about to fall out and they needed to get outside, quick. (What on earth did the Thriller feed them before bed last night?) Of course, they came in and went right back to snoozing, and here I sit…

Are you able to go back to sleep once you’ve been awakened? I wish I were, but no dice. Once I’m up, the brain starts to wander hither and yon, and the day has begun. I actually went back upstairs at 3 and turned on the Nook to hopefully read myself to sleep for two hours, but by 4:00, I just bagged the whole thing and went down to the treadmill. Now it’s 5:35, and after some vanilla Greek yogurt with raspberries and a mug of café mocha, I’m ready to hit the shower, the road and the you-know-what.

But here’s something nice: we’re halfway to the weekend. :-D Looking forward to Friday and Sunday (my only days “off”), then the push to opening night.

Is it time to go home now?

3 thoughts on “Oh, don’t mind me.

  1. Suzanne

    Hey good on ya for getting on the treadmill! I guess the only comfort I can give you is you should be totally exhausted tonight and will sleep like a baby!

    You asked yesterday what we do for exercise. Work does it for me :) You’d think I’d be a skinny little minny but no…..exercise isn’t the problem. Yeah same ol’ same ol’ !!

  2. Mavis

    Like you, when I’m up – I’m up for the duration. I hate when that happens. I’m shocked that reading didn’t put you out! It’s just hard to turn the mind off sometimes.

    Looking forward to opening night!

  3. RD

    Hope you have a “dead to the world” night’s sleep tonight. I also frequently wake up in the middle of the night and sometimes can’t go back to sleep. I hate that, cause I’m so draggy the next day, stumbling around half asleep and craving a nap. Sometimes, the nap wins, but hey, I’m retired. But since you have a job, and an intense one at that, you don’t have the luxury of a nap. Wishing many long ZZZZs for you many nights in a row.


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