Who *does* this…

…at 5:15 a.m.?

Actually, I’m finding it quite relaxing. Now don’t get me wrong, here. If anyone on this earth hates exercising, ’tis I. And I’ll go you one further and say that my morning exercise for the past several days has been of the “brisk walk on the tread for 15 minutes” variety, but I’m moving, and that’s all I’ll commit to at the moment.

Stoney and I eat horribly during a rehearsal run. We’re both “nervous munchers,” and that’s bitten us many times in the health department. We regularly have dinner together before rehearsal, and oftentimes, it’s just easier to order out for pizza or subs than to go to the hassle of making both lunch *and* dinner to bring to school (we both live a half hour away, so planning is key).

But we’re trying something different for this last two weeks of the run. Eating better, moving more. On my end, that’s about all I can commit to. Time was, I’d reserve a full hour every morning for blogging, coffee, reading news, paying bills, whatever. It was my quiet time, and I’m still selfish of it. I’ve just carved off 15 of those 60 minutes to walking while reading. I’m finding I’m plowing through my Nook books faster. Heh.

So what do you do for exercise? I wish I loved it. I’ve been down this road before, and read all the books. Soon, you’ll love exercising; it’ll become a part of your daily routine. HA. Not for this chick. But I know I want to be around to see my grandchildren grow up, and it won’t be easy keeping up with them if I can’t, well…keep up with them. So it’s me and the mill. I can do at least that much.

Here’s hoping for a great Tunesday for you, fiends. I’m hoping for a better rehearsal tonight than last night…


6 thoughts on “Who *does* this…

  1. Stoney

    I am with you-I will never like to exercise. But I am doing it! I walked the halls with Melissa after school yesterday-later today it is Zumba. THAT will not be pretty!

  2. BoomR

    I take the dogs out almost every day for either 1) a 1.25 mi. “power walk”, or 2) a 1.5 mi bike ride…yes, with Annie on the left & Duke on the right & me on the bike. I would say that generally, Mon-Fri is the power-walk, and Sat/Sun is the bike ride. Either way, I manage to work up a good sweat, and the dogs are plumb tuckered out when we’re done. And as the saying goes: A tired dog is a happy dog! :-)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Indeed, that is true! I can’t imagine you taking two dogs walking while on a bike! They must be very well-behaved. Rousseau would constantly throw me off the dang thing because he has to stop at every single tree and blade of grass — we’d never get anywhere!

      But good that you are still active at our young age…and living in a warm climate gives you zero excuses! HA

  3. RD

    My major source of exercise in bicycle riding. I haven’t tried to read a book while doing that, and don’t think I will. :-) I’m still officiating basketball but that’s seasonal and also not conducive to reading while doing.


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