One should Floss regularly.

You can get lost at Mental Floss. (I used to have a subscription, and I regret letting it lapse. I have those mags lying around somewhere.) But beware: MF is addictive. You sit down to have a look at 8 a.m., and before you know it, it’s 10:00 and the dog’s bugging you to go out. But that’s likely just me, trivia hag that I am.

Daughter-in-law Helen recently sent me a link from CNN that drew on a Mental Floss article listing the real names of fictional characters. The only one on the list that wasn’t new to me was Barbie (we were born in the same year, you know). Very interesting about the name of the Man in the Yellow Hat from the Curious George books…I recognized it instantly — it’s Gary Ewing!

Other interesting time-wasters include:

But whatever you do, don’t click on the Amazing Fact Generator. You’ll miss dinner.

Speaking of comeuppance…

If you wear a studded bikini to a major league baseball game, then become enraged when someone notices you, and then wear Frankenstein boots out in public…

…karma may pay you a visit.

Happy Thurnsday…now get off this box and get some work done. :-)

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8 thoughts on “One should Floss regularly.

  1. Suzanne

    Was that Lady Ga Ga?? That silly girl :)))

    I clicked on all of your links–bring back the 3 flavors of 3 Musketeers! Yeah baby!!

    Also clicked on the Fact Generator–read a few then stopped. Want to have dinner tonight *heheheh*

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Oh all RIGHT, so it’s not that exciting! LOL

      And I agree — bring back the 3 flavors. I’m joining the FB group!

      1. Suzanne

        No no silly! YOU said that if we go to the fact generator that we will never stop and miss dinner–I stopped so I could have dinner :)))) Never miss a meal !!! Cool site, I like factoids too :)))

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Not sure – but I read about that a couple of days ago, too. Something about her wanting to have access to restricted areas of the stadium, and they wouldn’t allow it, after which she threw a hissy…I may be getting my stories mixed up, though.

      Girlfriend needs to stay away from the ball park, GEEZ

  2. Suzanne

    PS I don’t like reading stuff like this about Lady Ga Ga–why does she feel a need to do stuff like this???? I find her really interesting but not when she does stupid stuff……


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