Only in Ohio

The rest of the country has its problems and embarrassing issues. Ohio has Richard Cooey. It’s all over the news: “I’m too fat to be executed.”

Now….in the history of the American legal system, there has got to be an issue as stupid as this. Somewhere. I’m still looking.

The cynic in me wonders what his two victims thought after he raped them before bludgeoning them to death. What if they’d said, “I’m too young to be executed; I’m only 21. I should be allowed to live.”

The disgusted taxpayer in me says, “Put him on a FRIGGIN DIET.” He’s in a maximum security facility, fuh cripesake. Control what he eats. Prosecute the people who smuggle in Twinkies. I’ve been paying for him to gorge himself in prison for 20 years while other kids in Ohio go hungry. It ain’t right.

*sigh* … only in Ohio.

All right, time to hit the shower and the school house.

Fink out.

2 thoughts on “Only in Ohio

  1. Mavis

    Put a central line IV in his neck (where the big vein is) and let the killing juice flow. Done. No more problem. ARG!

  2. Mathew

    I say hang him. He’s large enough that the rope will get the job done. Do it publicly, the American people need to see some decent TV nowadays.


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