Out from under the carpet

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This last week has flown by pretty fast. Too fast, like most vacations do. Already I’m planning my strategy for next week, as Christmas break ends and second semester kicks in. Lots on my reptilian brain at the moment.

I had a great Christmas with my family, and I hope you did with yours as well. We had our rescheduled family dinner and gift opening last night, and it was wonderful. Trouble is, while I’m over the nasty flu I had on Christmas Eve day, the exhaustion part has kicked in and I am pretty much wiped out. Yay for this weekend, when I have resolved to do absolutely nothing. Yay for having a good job that allows me weekends off, and some vacation time to re-energize. Yay for Christmas vacation. Yay.

The only downside of extended breaks like this is that the time off has me thinking and planning and worrying about an upcoming grueling rehearsal schedule. I hate that about me. Why worry? Stuff’s going to happen as stuff’s going to happen; no use in fretting about it. So I work on not fretting. It’s a process. :-)

Anyhow, for today — nothing on my plate whatsoever, and I like that. I haven’t even made the coffee yet. But I should probably do that.

Here’s to a quiet day. I hope you can have one, too.


2 thoughts on “Out from under the carpet

  1. David

    Hey Ms. Fink…so glad to hear that the grunge has passed for you (and I trust for the Grandson as well.) You have been in our thoughts and prayers and remain so!

    Christmas wonderful and sad for me this year. Wonderful in that we had the Grandkids (Emily 11 & Elijah 9) for Christmas Eve; we pumped them full of “greens” and all the hot cherry pie and whipped cream they could eat. We dazzled their eyes with gifts galore and then sent them home to wait for good old St. Nick to arrive. It was a bit sad for me as I had neither of my sons and Daughter-in-laws here in the High Country this year. We of course spoke and video chatted but I missed their presence tremendously!

    Here is to you Dear Friend and all your planning and thinking may it be productive as it is couched in the peace of hiatus. Note: I said nothing of that counter-productive force of worry. :)

    I wish you Love, Joy and Peace !!!!!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      So good to hear that you had a wonderful holiday, even though your sons were unable to join you. I guess I have been spoiled and fortunate, having both my sons nearby all these years, but I know anything can happen at any time…

      Worry is out the door. In ze dumpster. Away from my brain. (For now.) :-D Thanks fiend!


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