The stockings are hung by the chimney

Actually, no, they’re not. We have neither stockings nor a chimney.

Now isn’t that funny? An American family that doesn’t “do” the stocking thing. It’s a wonderful tradition, but it was never observed by my family growing up. We had great Christmases, and we lived in a couple of houses that had fireplaces, but they just never included hanging stockings. Why is that? I never asked my mother, even though I thought it was a cool idea to have extra little presents waiting in a hanging sock.

We did it a few times when the boys were little, but never really stuck with the tradition. Hmm. Not a huge deal to me now, especially since it’s just the Thriller and me in the house, and our children do stockings for their own kids.

Whatever your Christmas plans and traditions, I hope they’re wonderful tonight and tomorrow. I’m feeling a bit tired…I think I’ll hold the couch down for a while this morning before getting busy for my gathering later on tonight. We’re down one family, unfortunately (Jake has the stomach flu, poor baby).

Merry Christmas, fiends — relax and enjoy your families today!

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