After the craziness of Hershey and Gettysburg, it was good to arrive in New England for a bit of a change of pace. We certainly had it yesterday in Stamford, Connecticut.

The town is beautiful, really. We drove a great deal of it, and saw very little of what you might call a “seedy” or “dangerous” part of town. The downtown area is fantastic, and we stopped at the famous Remo’s Brick Oven and had some great Italian food.

After lunch, we explored. Dyke and Kosciuszko Park was where we ended up: a peaceful experience. I was expecting a sort of “beach,” but instead there was a delightful view of sailboats and yachts (unsurprising, since there’s a yacht marina close by).

We took a leisurely walk on a paved path all around the small peninsula that juts out into Long Island Sound. Nice views, quiet area. Just what we needed.

What we didn’t need was the rather silly evening activity of going to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Ha. But hey, it was a fun diversion.

Speaking of diversions, today is a 2-hour trip east to the Bellissimo Grande Hotel, for some gawdy gawking at the 5th largest casino in the world — Foxwoods. Fun.  :grin:

Flip side, fiends!

8 thoughts on “Peaceful

  1. Mavis

    Gorgeous pictures, Bird!! Thanks for sharing with all of us. I agree that, a peaceful day is just what you both needed. Now you’ve got extra energy for the casino! :-)

    Enjoy the day, luvs! Miss you both!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Miss you too, sissy! And we were glad to hear the hometown was spared the worst of the weather. Not all areas were so lucky. :-(

  2. Tom Hanks

    Haha…I’m surprised you went to see that movie…smh. I guess everyone makes mistakes. You were probably just hungry for anything “Lincoln” after having so recently being at Gettysburg.

    Cool pictures again…reminds me of how I want a yacht. Can you bring me back a yacht if you find an extra one laying around?

      1. Rat Fink Post author

        I know, I’m ashamed. HA. But the Thriller chose it over something else…crap, I can’t remember what it was. OH — Men in Black.

        I haven’t read the book (not going to now, either), but strangely, the climax of the story centers around — you guessed it — the Battle of Gettysburg. We definitely got our Lincoln on in the last few days!

        And “being,” “been…” All semantics, my fiend. :-)

        1. Tom Hanks

          Actually Men in Black was pretty good. If I had just been in Gettysburg I probably would have watched Abe Lincoln kill vampires too. Too bad you didn’t see it before visiting the battlefield.

          “oh ok…look right over there is where Abe killed that one vampire… oh oh..and over there”

  3. BoomR

    Love all the purdy pics! Esp. the water & sailboats! I miss the ocean!!

    And play some Jackpot Party or Wheel of Fortune for me, luv!


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thanks, Boom Boom — the ocean was beautiful from several coastal vantage points we got to see along Route 1.

      My advice to you? Drive right on past Foxwoods. Bizarre, ooky, strange…can’t explain it. It reminded me of the Stanley Hotel. LOL


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