Please remember Galveston & Houston

With the listing Titanic of the banking industry looming large in the headlines, and the Dow plummeting 700 points, it is easy to concentrate our concern on Wall Street right now. (Personally, I have a problem with bailing out the very people whose footloose practices and limitless hubris got them into the mess they’re in right now, but that’s a post for another day.)

Remember, friends – there are real people suffering elsewhere, too, and not over losing their six-figure salaries. They’re suffering because the building they worked in has been washed away. Because they no longer have a place to live. Because the neighborhood they raised their children in is now gone.

I know there are folks going through hard times everywhere. But if you can, please spare a thought for the recovery effort in Texas, which has been summarily ignored by the press in favor of coverage of the screaming Beakers of Wall Street.

I spoke to #2 son last night (who shall now and forever be referred to by his new RtB code name, Lars), and he said that his new bride (who shall now and forever be referred to by her new RtB code name, Helen) told him on the phone yesterday that Galveston smells like thousands of refrigerators containing rotten food (which is very likely the case). She also observed hundreds of dead birds, and “pond muck” covering almost every surface. Here is a collection of pictures I found that someone took this past Sunday. In essence, people’s lives were simply wiped away and replaced with filth. They need help.

Therefore, I am going to give a gift at – if you are reading RtB today, and you haven’t given yet, would you consider it as well?

It’s as easy as clicking here and giving a small donation. $10, $15. Everything helps; you know it does. I’m going there now.

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