Birfday Boy

Yep – Jakey turned one, and boy did he party like a mad man. Mommy made him his own cake, and she’d made sure that he had never eaten cake before, so it was truly a first-time experience. Grammie Fink took some good photos. Behold….

First bite – not quite sure

Do I like this?

Yep. I like this.

I reeeeally like this. (Clicky)

All cleaned up and ready for presentses

It was great fun. Wish I hadn’t been fighting this stupid cold or sinus infection or whatever it is. But hey, at least the Browns won. Imagine that!


3 thoughts on “Birfday Boy

  1. RD

    Jakey IS really cute. First birthdays are so much fun. Wish I could remember mine! Maybe not! Thank you, proud grandma (rightfully so), for sharing these delightful pictures with us. Get well, ya hear! And cheer on those CUBS!

  2. meg

    AWWWW, grammy, he is b-e-a-utiful!!! he must take after u? hahaa
    crazy kid – appears to me that he really liked the blue icing…A LOT. :D


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