Hoo-ee, I’m cake-popped out! What fun yesterday. I ended up with 115, with the awesome help of Kay and Mavis. By the end of the bagging/ribboning session, we were all pretty goofy and silly. Why can’t I tie a bow anymore? Haha. Good times.

Today, we’re off to the races, then the racetrack. Number 2 grandson Justin turns 4 on Monday, and his party is today. I’ll make a hasty exit from that party to Rae and Heffe’s wedding, and following that, Simone and John’s daughter turns 10 today, and we’re going for a celebration at their house later.

After all the partying, it’s off to Thistledown for a little grown-up escape before the final, ridiculously crazy week at school.

I can see the finish line, waaaaay off in the distance. Huzzah!

Happy weekend, fiends. Here we go.

3 thoughts on “Popped

  1. Mavis

    It was a lot of fun, and they turned out beautifully! You’re pretty awesome in the kitchen, Bird!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thanks, Mave! Great to spend time with you this morning — too bad it was pretty short!

      1. Mavis

        I loved being with you this morning, too, sweetness. We’ll have more time to spend together once school stuff is over!

        Have a wonderful time tonight, honey! Love you!


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