¿Por qué? Pourquoi? V

Waarom? Why?

I mean, really. Who eats candy for breakfast? Ugh. Now I’m sick. Serves me right. Why do I do this? Ah well. Get the coffee and get on with it. There is much to do this day.

The tech rehearsal went well yesterday. There might be a show in there somewhere, although we’re really nowhere near ready for prime time. Today is the annual rehearsal and dinner with my quartet. Caleb, Cory, Haydon and Ben will be here at 5:00 tonight for lasagna, Caesar salad, garlic bread, mint chocolate chip ice cream cake and rehearsal. Not in that order. Gotta work out some kinks first, then mangia.

OK so why do I want to punch something this morning? I mean, last time I checked, I have a beautiful family, fantastic friends, a job I love, a cozy home, and an awesome dog. What’s up with the sour mood? Is it the cup full of malted milk balls? Am I having an episode of some kind? Why do I hate everything and everyone (except you)?

All right, doctors. Ready, steady, elucidate. I’m going for the java; I’ll be right back. Rawr.

4 thoughts on “¿Por qué? Pourquoi? V

  1. BoomR

    Chalk it up to the cup full of malted-milkball-wannabe’s… they don’t make ’em like you & I remember back in the day, luv! :D


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      This is going to rock your world. At Meijer in Mansfield, they have a bulk candy section where you serve out and weigh candy yourself. You will not believe this, but the Brach’s Malts are the ones of old!!! How is this possible? I am sure of it, because they taste fantastic — just like we remember.



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