Tech rehearsal, tech rehearsal,

how I loathe you.

It’s not the “rehearsal” part I hate, it’s the fact that I have to yank everyone to school at 8:00 on a Saturday morning — especially when it’s the morning after the last football game of the season for the players in the cast, and the fact that the band/cheerleaders bus got stuck in the mud at New London for 50 minutes last night and had to be pulled out by a truck. Yipes!

For those not of the theater ilk, a tech rehearsal is a 4-hour marathon run-through, designed to work out bugs on the technical side (sound, lights, staging, props, etc.) of a production. It’s a necessary part of getting the singers used to functioning with body packs on, and bringing the tech staff up to speed on cues and mic assignments.

It can also be like herding cats or spooning up spilled mercury. I’ve had decent tech rehearsals, and I’ve had full-blown Barnum & Bailey experiences. What will today be? Tempus dicet.

Best part for the students: pastries from Hawkins Bakery, and an endless supply of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. Am I good to them or what?

Have a great Saturnday, fiends. I’m nonstop to Monday here.

2 thoughts on “Tech rehearsal, tech rehearsal,

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Oh yes, the calories — and I loved every one of ’em. HA

      It did go well, unbelievably. But you know me and those other shoes… :-/



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