I’m experiencing your standard-issue vast array of thoughts and emotions this morning.

Truth be told, I’m still off-center about the death of Robin Williams. And the madness in Ferguson has me very upset. I’m a bit apprehensive about whether Remy will like the new prospective brother we’re going to meet this morning. Just when I decide to not subject myself to anymore insulting, ignorant, hurtful statements about teachers in general, I open Twitter. Oy.


I get to see the Js tonight at a concert their father’s playing on, and I’m pretty sure I’m getting together with the A’s at some point over the weekend. This afternoon, Kay and I are going to see Hundred Foot Journey and maybe enjoy some victuals afterwards. Sunday, we help Bob and Kay staff their open house, giving tours and answering questions. Yay, I feel important; like the Thistlefink Docent. :-)

So, as is always the case, there’s a sunny side to every situation. The quest for daily balance and serenity amidst the oncoming insanity continues.

I’ll check in later with a critter update.

3 thoughts on “Potpourri

  1. RD

    I’m also saddened by the death of Robin Williams and pray for those who suffer with depression. It’s an insidious disease. I’m deeply dismayed and grieved by the horrendous and torturous treatment my Christian brothers and sisters are experiencing at the hands of radical Muslim extremists in Iraq.

    I hope everything goes well as potentially you introduce a new rescue dog to your family. Do you have an inkling as to how Remy will respond to such a change?

    As for public school teachers–they are my heroes. Most of them selflessly serve children and youth in fundamental and formative ways often at great cost to themselves and with many of the cards stacked against them. Thank you personally for all of the time, energy, spirit and commitment that you invest in the lives of your students. I pray that you have a blessed academic year.

  2. David

    The last few days I have been struck with this thought, that we live in such a big World that has gotten exponentially “smaller” because of technology. With a click of a keyboard I can know the happenings of the Kurds on Mount Sinjar, the trials of South American children trying to cross the Rio Grande in search of Utopia, the racial tensions reaching a boiling point in middle America and the suicide details of a comedic icon mere hours removed. We used to simply not know and in our ignorance we went about our lives with less tragedy to worry about. Now we know. More personally, now I know and what do I do about that?

    I feel so sad for the children and wife of Robin Williams, they are left to wonder why or if they could have done something to change the course of history. I had a friend who served in Vietnam at the same time I did; he struggled with not being able to shut off the mental video in his head. We lived 1000 miles apart but we spoke often on the phone and I did my best to help and encourage my Brother to get professional help. He tried, many times and went through many, many sessions but the faces still came in the night. We talked openly and honestly about the urge to “shut it down.” Our last conversation was an enjoyable exchange and I thought that he was doing well and had made some strides toward letting go of the ghosts…three days later he had killed himself, a casualty of war. My heart weeps every time I think of him as my heart is saddened at the loss of all life. My resolve is to be a more caring person within my sphere of influence and to hold on to hope.
    Of all your Posts Ms Fink , this one caused me to think more than any other…that is a good thing. Peace!

  3. Rat Fink Post author

    Can I just say how much my life is enriched by having you two in it? While the both of you have more education and life experiences than many of us combined, you always come across as supportive, thoughtful, down-to-earth, and committed to bringing some joy into your world, and the worlds of others. And it’s a big deal when you can do that in this type of environment.

    I hope you don’t soon tire of commenting and participating in discussions here. I’m beyond certain that many who read, but don’t comment, get as much out of your great contributions as I do.

    You da mens. Much love. <3


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