Rat Fink, Rat Fink…

…what a donkey.

Why do I get so upset about seemingly ridiculous things? I couldn’t tell you. But it made me shake my head and smile this morning, as I went through some blog post history, cleaning up broken links (a job I hate, and often neglect). It’s a miracle I maintain my teeming throng of 100-some (worldwide) daily readers. :-D

From the “Rant” and “Boot to the Head” categories, here are five silly reminders of why I really need to keep my day job:

And the comments are fun, too.

Ah, I feel a retelling of the David Soul story coming on. Now there’s a laff riot, Jimmy. But first, the shower, the road and the school house.

Happy Monkday, fiends!

2 thoughts on “Rat Fink, Rat Fink…

  1. Rat Fink Post author

    Haha — I’m glad you liked them, Suz! I do go on and on about stuff sometimes. And I for one am delighted we reconnected after all those years! <3


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