¿Qué tal después?

I’ll tell you what’s up next.


But first, a shout to the cast, wait staff, crew, production staff and parents of Dinner Theatre. Well done! And one of the best parts of the whole run was having some awesome people there to cheer them on. This year’s profit from ticket and merch sales will top several of the last few years. Yay for the kids. Yay for choir tour.

And yay for Suzanne, my Dutch Girl pal from the Netherlands. (Shhh…she’s sleeping right now.) We had a great chat last night when I got home, and will have another this morning before she takes off back to Michigan to spend time with her mama. She leaves for Amsterdam on Tuesday, and it’ll be another year, at least, before I see her again.

Me? It’s back to lesson plans, choir rehearsals, grading papers, and the everyday insanity known as the push to Christmas performances. What’s new, right?


4 thoughts on “¿Qué tal después?

  1. Mavis

    What a great night! Thanks to everyone (especially you, Bird) for putting on another wonderful Dinner Theatre! SC is full of talented kids. Bird, you know how to hone those talents to perfection. Each year seems to be better than the last.

    I had the perfect table-mates! Thanks to Suzanne, Kay & Bob, Miss Kitty and the Thriller for lively dinner conversation and lots of laughs. It’s the best night out this old lady has had in a long while.

    I’m so looking forward to J and the ATD! Don’t think I’ve ever seen that one, but with Bird and Stoney at the helm, it promises to be AMAZING!!!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Glad you had a great night, Mavis! Suzanne and the Thriller told me you all had a fabulous time. It was a fun show…just wish I could sit down and watch with you! On we go to Joseph…I think you will love the music (and there’s a lot of it; very few spoken lines)!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thanks Boom Boom! Yes…I will get you a link to 100+ photos from my fiend (and occasional RtB poster) Wendell .


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