Random Neuron Confessions

Stream-of-consciousness list. Ready, steady, go.

  1. I have never played “Candy Crush,” which apparently is all the rage right now. I’m afraid to; I don’t need another habit to break.
  2. I have, however, spent a few sleepless hours blowing through the levels on “Angry Birds.” I own them pigs.
  3. I’m seriously considering getting out of the edu-politics game. So difficult to mobilize the people, it’s getting more frustrating by the day. Maybe it’s because of all the other crap on my reptilian brain lately. Sometimes, something’s got to give up some room.
  4. I confess: I procrastinate. A lot.
  5. I’ve been feeling guilty lately about not exercising. Not guilty enough to actually get out and exercise, but…
  6. I think Channing Tatum is decidedly unhandsome.
  7. Sometimes I think so much, I think my thinker will short out. (Hence the 3:00 wake-up time this morning.)
  8. Yep — I tend to overthink many things.

What about you? What’s bugging you right now? Doctor Fink is in.  8)

2 thoughts on “Random Neuron Confessions

  1. Mavis

    I am in total agreement with number 3. When I think about all the things on your plate – just this year – it makes me wonder how you’ll get it all done! Fight the good fight in your spare time, sweetie. Only those with very light schedules or no schedule at all, can go at it 100%. You can still find time for what your passionate about, just not FULL time. Ok. Done preachin’. :-)

    YES! Finally someone who agrees with me! I don’t think Channing Tatum is all that handsome, either!


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