Random Weirdness II

Contest #3!

So yeah. Tell me what this picture is. I think I know, but I don’t have time to research it this morning. Big ol’ Hershey bar to the person with the right answer!


Harrison. Dude. Lose the aging swinger earring. It’s just me being a hag, I suppose. But I simply cannot — as hard as I try to be all cool and easy and stuff — reconcile myself to men wearing earrings. I love many men who do, mind you — but I just can’t bring myself to think it’s anything but girly, pretentious, or silly. Sorry.

This is one and the same person. Yikes. Not making a judgment, mind. Just observing that the pap can be extremely annoying when one is trying to have a day at the beach.

Some people looked just as cute without makeup as they did with it.

Since we’re almost the same age, this makes me feel a bit better. I should post one of these photos of myself, but I dassn’t. I already scare the kiddies.

Fink (weirded) out.



Big ol’ Hershey bar goes to Adam R., who correctly identified the picture in today’s contest. The 1937 photograph of children wearing gas masks was shot in Leningrad by Viktor Bulla. Title: Pioneers in Defense Drill.

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