Some things are just dumb

Bet you thought I was going to miss a day, didn’t you? Never, darlings.

But I will say that if there was ever going to be a day I missed, this would be it. This was a day for the record books (and it ain’t even over yet). Everything — truly, everything — went wrong. On top of that, everything that went wrong was dumb.

I won’t go into what it was, but suffice it to say that it had nothing to do with my students. They were great today. It was the 40-and-over crowd, for dang sure. What to do with them? From poor service on an order that I needed for tonight’s awards banquet, to ____________ doing a _____________ for __________ (sorry, students read this so I must resort to clandestine tactics once in awhile), it’s been a rot-filled day.

Looking forward to going home and relaxing after the awards banquet. Oh wait….I FORGOT.

Fink (down and) out.

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