Once again

I’m proud of my students. It was a strange concert….some really great music was made, but I sensed that everyone was tired (including Yours Truly). I feel like I pushed them/thrashed them about/made them weary this year. In my drive for whatever you call it, I think I sometimes forget that they are 15-18 years old, and with other lives.

This requires reflection. But seeing as how I’m too tired for that, I will just tell you that my students made me proud again last night. I know not why, but blessed I am.


3 thoughts on “Once again

  1. Mavis

    I don’t feel that you push your students, thrash them about or made them weary, dear sister. You brought out the very best in each and every one of them. Period. You are the teacher that they will never forget. The one that cared the most, helped the most, challenged them the most. The kind of teacher every student looks for. I’m proud of you.


  2. skylar

    I have to agree with Mavis… I think you could pretty much ask anyone who got past the first two weeks in choir and they’ll probably say you’re one of their faves. And you’re really just hard to forget about. :P Last year, choir was one of the only periods I looked forward to in my sad little freshman day. Same for sophomore, so far. So thrash on. Lol


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