Remember this.

Regardless of your opinions about war, keep in mind that somebody’s great-grandfather, grandfather, uncle, dad, brother or friend risked — and in many cases, gave — his life so you and I could pontificate on them. Thousands more still risk and give their lives, adding into the mix sisters, aunts, moms, etc. So there you go.

Today is a day not to proselytize, but rather to remember. Today, I honor my dad. Please feel free to add to my list and post the name, rank, branch and conflict of a veteran you loved who has passed away or was killed in action.

After that, have a picnic, hug your family, and enjoy the day. Cuz you gotta go to work tomorrow.



SN Charles A. Collins, United States Navy, USS SALEM, Korea

3 thoughts on “Remember this.

  1. Meg

    Grandpa Dick Sloan
    WWII-Navy-Seaman First Class
    Submarine Corp. Electrician – Midway Island

    Hope you have enjoyed your weekend, Fink.

  2. Krissy

    Grandpa Glenn Kieffer
    741st Tank Battalion
    World War II

    Uncle Ralph Kieffer
    Vietnam War

    How’s the new grandson?


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