Prêt pour changer?

Are you ready for a change? Am I?

I don’t mean a lifestyle or financial or paradigm change (although I’m ready for those, too), but rather, a more important one. Indeed, a deeper, more introspective question has chased me around for the last few days: Should I change the site design?

Yes, fiends. Heavy stuff. Should I ditch the kooky masthead, calming ocean colors and stately medieval background pattern? Should I go more…

  1. Wild/bold?
  2. Girly?
  3. Introspective?
  4. Businesslike?
  5. Goth?
  6. Cartoonish?
  7. Plain?
  8. Pastel?

Or should I do nothing at all? You know, don’t fix what ain’t broke to begin with? Leave well enough alone? I mean, don’t I have enough projects?

What would you have me do? Please cast your vote, for I covet your articulate and compendious thoughts. But respond soon; tempus fugit and all that.

We’re off to Kay & Bob’s today. The Thriller and Bob will put in a fence while Kay and I chat the afternoon away and make a picnic. Sounds like fair division of labor to me.



8 thoughts on “Prêt pour changer?

  1. PKPudlin

    This site is yours to do with as you please. If the above mentioned kooky masthead etc. suit _you_, then keep it. A small request from one entering her dotage, however is please do not choose light colored text on dark colored background (i.e. white on black), as it strains the eyes. However, should this be your preference, I will still remain
    Faithfully yours-


  2. BoomR

    I vote girly with lots of Hello Kitty and Hanna Montana thematic material – and if we give you our mailing addresses, you send us all cherry lip smackers :-)

    (OK.. I think that came from too many elementary & middle school general music classes under my belt)

  3. Rat Fink Post author

    Let’s see, then: a background in wheat and sage, featuring a repeated-pattern silhouette of Hannah Montana scratching her head. And of course, black text on white for the main section.

    Hmmm. Maybe I can work with this…

  4. Stein

    You should type in Cyrillic. This will surely prove both your brilliance and your insanity. Then again, you could go totally store-bought generic. You know, white with black writing. No logos, no cute fonts, no titles, just the info.


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