So amazing…

…it’s amazing.

Yeah, those annoying AutoTune-laced Kanye lyrics are still playing in my head. And for once, I am glad. I cannot stop thinking about the last-second (literally, there was one second left in the game) shocker from last night’s Cavs game. And even though LeBron is ever so slightly full of himself, I think that after the hat trick he pulled last night, he’s entitled.

The above article mentions the silence of 20,000+ fans at Quicken Loans Arena, when Mo Williams got set to inbound the pass for a desperation shot that surely wouldn’t go in, leaving the Cavs down 0-2 in the series. Well the silence (and resignation) was in full force in a lot of living rooms as well. I remember it like it was yesterday…er…OK, it was yesterday, whatever. I was sitting on my sofa, with the remote pointed, ready to angrily turn off the TV when the Cavs’ last-ditch effort didn’t pan out. I mean, we needed a 3-pointer to win, with one second left on the clock. I was just praying for a jumpshot to maybe tie the game and send it into overtime.

And then, this.

Heh. So amazing.

Happy Saturday!

3 thoughts on “So amazing…

  1. RD

    Has my memory failed me (always a possibility)? In the past, didn’t you hate basketball? :) Now you have Cavs fever. No doubt about it, LaBron made a remarkable shot. It reminded me of the shot Michael Jordan made years ago against the Cavs to defeat them in the last second of the playoffs. Now it’s the Cavs doing it. This is much preferred! Go Cavs. You’re a better fan than I. I went to bed at halftime and saw the replay on SportsCenter this morning.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Correction, meine Freund: I hate *college* basketball, and I hate HOOSIER basketball.


      Truthfully though, I don’t watch much regular-season basketball on TV. And, as you know, I hate going to games at schools because of the nasty smell (sorry, gallons of male perspiration and the overriding stench of dirty socks/jocks has absolutely no come-hither effect on me). But I’m at the point where ANY Cleveland championship will do. Cripes, I’d watch hockey if the Jacks could pull it off!


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