Remy Update

It’ll be two weeks tomorrow since Remington came to live with us, and as rough a start as he’s had with his intense fear issues, he’s come a long way already.

The biggest victory is his gradual-but-certain relaxation around — and increasing devotion to — the Thriller. Since I got out of the house to go back to school last Thursday, there’s been improvement every single day.

  • Before, say, this past Tuesday, Remy would not allow me to exit a room by myself. Where I was, there he was also, yea and verily. When I was at my desk, he was under it. I’d forgotten what it was like to constantly be mindful of pushing back my office chair or stepping wherever I want to step. Gotta look down first. Now, however, he comes and goes from wherever I am without fear. He has absolutely commandeered the floor right in front of the couch — where he can snag my electric blanket. :-)
  • He will now go downstairs and seek out the Thriller by himself. Turns out they’ve spent some time at the park while I’m at rehearsal, and there’s been lots of  bonding that way. Training treats have helped Remy overcome his fear of going downstairs to the office for a visit, also.
  • He is less apt to cower when the Thriller reaches out to pet him. Strangers, however…they don’t get that pass. There’s a lot of work to be done there.
  • A less desirable development is that Remy is becoming more comfortable — and therefore, more selfish — of his house and yard, resulting in his being a lot more barky when he’s outside and sees a jogger or neighbor approaching. Not liking that. More training…

We’re enjoying the fun differences between Remy’s personality as compared to Rousseau’s. Remy is definitely more “puppyish,” whereas Rousseau just wanted to go for a walk, then take naps. He play-bites (never chomps down, though) and runs like a crazy man around the “track” (the dining room to the kitchen to the parlor to the living room, over and over and over). I’ve taught him to army crawl…it’s hilarious. I have to have the Thriller catch it on video.

Today is a sad day, though, as poor Remy goes into the vet for the ol’ snip snip. We’ll have a Conehead on our hands for a couple of days; I hope that doesn’t stifle his progress in other areas.

It’s a process for sure, eh dog lovers? We’re enjoying it all the same.

And now, behold and alas: it’s 5:30 a.m. Time to schlep it to the shower, the Finkmobile and the school house. One rehearsal tonight, and I’m done till Monday. Huzzah!

Happy day, fiends!

3 thoughts on “Remy Update

  1. Suzanne

    I hope Remy is OK after his snippy snippy. When Chevy had his done he wasn’t a happy boy. Errr…. “it” haha. He would sit down and look at his “missing” parts and growl. Something was bothering him but he didn’t know what.

    It’s almost weekend!!!

  2. David

    Sadly the level of fear and mistrust in a rescue animal, as it relates to the degree they were abused or abandoned, takes a long time to disappear. We have had Gunner, our black lab rescue going on six years and he still has some residual fears; not of us as we are his pack but of strangers and any sudden noise or movement.
    Remy getting “fixed” just may help speed the process of his acclimating to the new Family. Of course you taught him to low crawl…cannot wait to see that!

    Be Blessed this weekend Ms F…my best to Thriller!


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