Residual horkiness

Man, last night was unpleasant. I can count on one hand (one finger, actually) the times I’ve had to cancel a sleepover with the Js because I was too sick. Hoo eeee…the effects linger.

But I am on the mend, and ready to have Mavis over to make a big batch of veggie soup this morning. That ought to make me feel better. Then BFF Kay is coming over this afternoon. How could my day get any better, you ask (without seeing the family, that is)?

The Packers could win the Super Bowl.

But you know, the football gods are generally not on my side, so I’ll just say que sera. I’ve survived St*****s fans’ infantile postgame neenering for years (even though I’ve never returned the favor when the Browns beat Pittsburgh); I can endure it once again. Of course, I disclaim that all St*****s fans are puerile and snotty. Some aren’t. But the ones who are always seem to make the biggest splash.

Yesterday, one of my Facebook friends posted something about hoping the Packers would win tonight. I responded that I didn’t have anything against the Pittsburgh coach or the team; just their insufferable fans. The next comment, from someone I don’t know:

oh and i hate the make excuses BROWNS-who always say next year–go STEELERS!!!!

OK, OK. I asked for it. But I never said anything about hatred. *batting big baby doll eyes* Well I got my true comeuppance a few comments later, from the same person, representin’ that black and yellow mindset:

well i married a browns fan and i have 37 bin- laws who are browns and indians fans and all i ever hear is wait until next year we’ll be better–hate is a two way street you do not sound to happy with ben [Roethlisberger] –but chris spellman [sic] used to┬áto the same thing in canto[n] ohio when he played football i saw it first hand too there are alot of players who act this way so please do not single out just big ben–and like i told my cuz this is AMERICA and we have freedom of speech and thought–sunday will prove who is the better team-good luck to all

The defense rests.

7 thoughts on “Residual horkiness

  1. Mavis

    Well I hope the “Residual horkiness” abates as the day goes on, sweets! Making the soup together will help. :-)

    All I can say about the game tonight – GO PACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    See ya in a few, luv!

  2. PKPudlin

    I hear ya. I am a California Angels’ fan, and followed them closely for several years. Watched Nolan Ryan pitch and Reggie Jackson hit in Angel’s stadium, and when I couldn’t watch in person, I listened on the radio. I trundled my 5-month-old daughter with me down to Anaheim to stand in line for World Series tickets in 1982, and actually had 4 in my hand when they gave the AL pennant away to the Brewers after a 2-0 lead in the playoffs. Oh, well, there’s always next year. What a heartbreaker.
    The ‘next year’ turned out to be 2003 – a full 21 years later. Hang in there, Browns and Indians fans – You’ll have a ‘next year’ too.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Ugh…so there is hope for me! I’ll bet it was all exciting for you until the ALC game. :-( I, too, know this pain!

  3. Greg

    I have to admit that I’m NOT watching the Superbowl! Those that know me understand this. I have a stack of movies to watch, will enjoy some hot chocolate (with marshmallows) and just relax. And whoever wins–does it really matter?

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Well, depends on who ya ask, Gregor! It matters to Pittsburgh and Green Bay fans, that’s fo sho. And it only matters to me because of who I want to LOSE. :P

      Cocoa with marshmallows sounds great!


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