Hey, looky here what I got in the mail yesterday. Look out, family. New cake experiences forthcoming.

The author, Meg Ray, chef and owner of the pastry shop in San Francisco where these treats are created, says she has a “cup of coffee and a slice of cake for breakfast every morning.”

Wouldn’t have to ask me twice. :-)


Thank the gods for Akismet. Not only does it protect bloggers from idiot comment spammers, but also protects them from idiot comment spammers’ bots. Can you imagine hitting hundreds of blogs per day and thinking up this stuff?

For a free plugin — heck, even if it came with a price — this is probably the single best thing out there. In February, RtB will be four years old, and I can’t recall even one spam comment sliding through. Makes me wonder why some major sites (many of them entertainment oriented) don’t take advantage of this script. I see a lot of comment spam on articles.


We open in nine days. ¬†Monday night marked the beginning of run-throughs at rehearsal. Gotta get the performers used to connecting the dots. On the readiness scale, we’re about halfway. Three more weeks oughta do it.


We pick up the Finkmobile today, in its half-repaired state. I wonder what it’ll look like. Probably about the same, but without the fender grinding against the front tire. Hopefully, anyway.

Halfway to the weekend, yay. Hey, RtB fiend Suzanne will be in the States for a couple of weeks. Hope to enjoy a phone call with her while she’s in sunny Michigan.

2 thoughts on “RNF LII

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I know! I can’t wait to try the chocolate cake with raspberry icing, pictured on the front. I. Love. Cake. (and you!)


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