XIV — that is fourteen, right? I was recently asked in an email what the difference was between my “Random Neuron Firings” and “Various and Sundry” post titles. I said, “Erm…I suppose they’re the same thing.” Cripes, do I have to justify everything around here? Is this a marriage? Heh. J/K, BFFs.

Random Neuron Firings

Kay and Bob, our best friends of 16 years, live six months out of every year in Slovenija. Kay just recently had surgery on her foot, and she tells about the experience in a post on her blog. You want to see some fine writing and amazing pictures? Click over.

How would you feel if you had to have surgery in a place where you didn’t understand the language (from what Kay tells me, Slovene is incredibly difficult to learn), and where you’d never had a medical experience before? I honestly don’t think I would have handled it as well as my lovely opera singer friend. But she’s fabulous and my hero, so it doesn’t surprise me that she came out of it with a smile. I’m counting the days until her return on the 14th of April. Maybe, if we’re all really good little fiends, she’ll actually post a comment here someday to prove she really does exist outside of my imagination. :-)


Here’s something you don’t see every day. The new movie The Wrestler scored a 100% on the “Tomato-meter” at RottenTomatoes.com, my fave movie review site. The film features the now-creepy Mickey Rourke, who sliced his face to ribbons with plastic surgery. Kody, are you going to see it?

Susan Cheever wrote this interesting article in yesterday’s Times. I don’t know, but around these parts, people still get plenty smashed. And many of them aren’t even old enough to buy booze.

I love 2-hour delays. I will probably get an Amen from all my students.

Dinner Theatre is cast and ready to start rehearsals in January. Talented bunch of people, that. It still amazes me how many good singers they grow out there in Hooterville. Something in the water, I’m tellin’ ya…

All right, I’m going to go finish wrapping Jakey’s gifts and signing cards that will go to Texas on Friday. Have a grand Wednesday (or Thursday, if you’re BoomR and still in Japan).

Fink out.

PS – Just got the text message: SNOW DAY!

5 thoughts on “RNF XIV

  1. Kody

    To answer your question, yes I am going to go see The Wrestler. I’ve known that this movie has been in works for a while. My favorite wrestling promotion, Ring of Honor, was very instrumental in helping make this movie. I’m just glad Nic Cage dropped out, so Mickey Rourke could step in. I’ve been a big Rourke fan ever since 300. It’s pretty exciting to hear the rumors of Oscar buzz for this movie, too.

  2. Rat Fink Post author

    Kody – it’ll be interesting to get your take on Rourke’s performance. The movie is winning all kinds of great press.

    Ross – (Hey stranger!) Everywhere I read, it seems more people are jumping on the Rourke bandwagon. It might be something I’ll need to see for myself.

  3. kay

    I AM NOT A FIGMENT OF YOUR IMAGINATION!! Let me tell all that a friendship like this with all the ups/downs/the few differences and the zillion similarities is reality at its best!!! Ain’t life grand!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I just noticed this today, the 22nd. How did it get past me?!?!

      See friends – she is real!!!

      Love u Kay


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